Phase two game design

So yeah, all my research in one post, this is going to be fun…

Anyways, My game started as just real combat, but as I saw we needed a learning aspect I thought about what would be good and fun to base my game around, after going through three things, I came to the conclusion that the cell would be the best aspect. So my game focuses on telling you what the parts of the cell are and some of their functions, while it’s not completely realistic, it gets the point across.

To do this I researched what the parts of the cell do, I found some interesting stuff, i won’t go too into it since mostly it’s just their basic concepts that I added into my game, for example ribosomes make proteins in cells, and these proteins can help to make new organelles in the cell, which made me make the ribosomes the builders of the game. Your basic structures will already be made in my game as well as starting you off with 10 ATP tokens, the currency of the game which is used to make everything in the cell.

To put it shortly, I twisted the way some of the things may work in the cell to make them more simple, otherwise only an expert in biology would understand how my game worked, I want this game to be playable by almost anyone, so it would be bad to restrict the crowd since it would be too complex. I made it mostly so that it is playable by anyone, while you may have more understanding if you took a biology class to learn what the names of the cell parts are for, otherwise it’ll just be like a regular MMORPG fantasy with the weird names for places and people you need to remember to play through the game. So in short it’s playable by practically anyone with the smarts to not be stupid.

In my game, the mechanics involve controlling a mitochondria to create and improve in order to dominate the cell, with opponents who have the same start as you do. I’d say my game is primarily a strategy game. To win, you must be the last mitochondria standing (or floating, since this is in the cytoplasm) , this does not mean controlling all of the cell, but that you are the last one on the cell, when a mitochondria is destroyed, all of that players territory becomes neutral so you could end up with only five spaces controlled yet win the game.

The Breakout

So, the breakout game to me was one of the more fun things I’ve done in this class so far, job well done for whoever was the mastermind behind setting that up, maybe at the end of the semester we can come back to test the way they tweaked it.

It would have been nice if they focused a bit more on the theme, making every part of the puzzle related to his life, the numbers and equations were fun, but I don’t see any link to the person’s life other than he probably liked doing his math homework.

The Katanification

So yeah, I played SoK last week, kinda forgot to write my post but it was actually really fun, some people didn’t really like it but once you knew about the rules it got pretty fun, although I ended up playing just Christian and I, it feels like the game could be a lot more competitive if you had more than just 2 players. still don’t know what the robber does but it was pretty interesting to see a luck-based game done in the way it was, where the luck you have can benefit any player, or even just the leading player based on where your settlements are located to get the best resources for what you need. I plan to try to make my game a bit different now that I’ve seen this, not going to be a resource game since conquering is too much fun but i definitely plan to revise the way luck is used in my game to make it a better game for the player who thinks.

After Research

So yeah, just did a crap ton of research on the interwebs for my research paper (bridging assignment) and I’ve learned quite a bit.

For one thing, google is your best friend.


When it comes to a history-related game, you need to really dig in deep, because I had to go to Wikipedia and go through the resources to find some really good information about tactics just for example.

At least now I have a pretty well defined Idea of what my game is going to be like, I have four different classes based off of a game I’ve had ideas about for a few months before I came to UMW that I plan to implement into my game since in my mind it seemed like it could work out quite well. I will need to get a prototype and probably experiment with different kinds of mechanics to see if something closer to chess would be better than simply making victory be based on dice rolls.

Play Testing

So, during Tuesday’s class I did play testing for my conquest game (not the final project, but the “it’s mine” thing) and so now, I have a few things to change about my game. first of all, apparently i made Risk, so I’m going to try that to see if I can incorporate any of that into my current game to possibly make a final project since an actual game sounds much better than a computer game I probably wont be able to make. Then again, I am looking into the Unreal Engine 4 since it’s apparently completely free┬ácompared to unity’s full version. I will probably try to make a computer-based game off of whatever I finish, but depending on how good i am with the program its graphics are going to be extremely limited.

Game Idea

The Conquest Game

I don’t know what I’m going to call my game yet, but the basic idea is a conquest game, where you start off as a nation, the most powerful one near you so you don’t die at the start, and conquer everything around you until you control the world, what I would like to do with this game is to make it almost like a sandbox version of Spore (in case anyone has played that, you start off as a cell and advance to creature stage, tribal stage, and eventually to space stage). In my game you can do everything to make your own nation, from deciding on your religion (and constructing how it works yourself) to even developing your troops for battle, like Total War: Rome. you won’t have just the option to fight for victory, i plan to have 3 main paths your empire can take in my sci-fi setting, you can be a militaristic nation, an economical nation, or a diplomatic one, the militaristic nation would focus all out on battle, the economic would be more of a supporting type of role since it would be all about development, but that could be key to having military advantages with more advanced technology (I don’t know exactly how it’s going to work but I want it to be different enough from each other where if you made 3 files it would seem like a different game for each one), and the diplomatic one, which would have more advanced skills like mind control maybe and would be able to inspire troops and workers to be more effective in whatever they do. of course you could do a blend between the 3, the skill table would probably look similar to league of legend’s mastery page, where you have 3 categories to choose from and you can place however many points you want into each, there will be only enough skill points to completely max one branch and the farther down into each you go, the stronger their unique skills would become.


TL;DR- I want to make a game where you play as a nation trying to conquer the world, and I want it to be the most in-depth game evar!!!!

My trading card

trading card

Yeah, we’re pretty all over the place with types of cards since I saw yugioh, heard someone was going to make a magic card and some are making Pokemon cards. and now christian and I add hearthstone cards to it all haha.

Anyways, my card’s cost is 9 since that’s the 2 numbers of my birthday added together, 1 and 8, my attack is 1 since I don’t hit the gym much, my health is 18 because of my age, and in case anyone didn’t know yet, I’m plagued by limited connection so why not spread the love? Silence in hearthstone gets rid of any abilities the card has, like this one for example. Freezing makes them unable to attack for the next turn. And of course, I am a golden legendary because I’m the best.

It cut off the top of my head lol